Imlie Today’s 3rd December 2023 Full Episode Written Update: Special Episode

Today’s Imlie serial starts with Agastya locking Imlie in the room. He does this because he does not want her to raise the topic of Bulbul and Karam. Imlie asks Agastya to open the door and she promises him not to talk about Bulbul and Karam. Agastya trusts Imlie and opens the door. As soon as Imlie comes out, she tells Agastya that she will talk to Bulbul. Imlie moves to leave when she meets Jani, Annapurna, and Shivani and tells them that she had a misunderstanding about Karam and Bulbul. Karam had accused Bulbul of trying to set him up. Agastya says that Imlie can never think like this. Meanwhile, the doctor comes and tells them that Bulbul and her child are safe.


On the other hand, Biswa tells Navya that soon Agastya will trust her instead of doubting her. Navya asks the Choudhary family to forget Tej. Pallo scolds Bulbul for not supporting Imlie. Alka accuses Imlie of trying to fix Bulbul’s marriage with Karam. Pallo and Imlie are in the room when she tells Pallo that she did not lie because she saw Karam and Bulbul together. Pallo talks to Imlie about settling Bulbul’s life. But Bulbul is asked to tell the truth that Karam is not the father of her child.

Imlie 3rd December 2023 Written Update

Pallo takes Bulbul out of the house and both go to Imlie. Bulbul apologizes to Imlie because she lied to Imlie. Imlie hugs Bulbul and forgives her, after which Bulbul leaves from there. Imlie asks about the past incidents after which Karam says that Dhanraj had married a poor girl. On the other hand, Agastya looks at Imlie’s crossed pictures, reminding him of Biswa’s warning. He comes out and sees Imlie asking him why he told everyone about Karam’s affair with Bulbul.

Agastya comes to Imlie and tells her that from now on he will listen to everything she says. Imlie tells him that she is helpless and cannot tell him anything. Agastya asks Imlie to speak openly. She says that he might never trust her. She also says that if he doesn’t believe her then he will leave from here without asking any questions. The next day, Imlie, along with Dolly and Bulbul, decide to prepare a delicious meal for Navya’s family. The Navya family asks Annapurna to join them, but she says that she will join them later. After some time, Imlie asks the family to have food, but Rajni refuses to eat.

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