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Pandya Store Full Episode 16th February 2024 Written Update: Amrish Gets a Shocking Call

Today’s serial starts with Pranali’s clinic when some people come to her clinic and say that someone has given wrong news and nothing was found from here. Amresh shouts at the reporters and says that if they have found out the truth then they should leave from here. Dhaval tells Amresh that he should say thanks because the same people who had let him down are standing with him. Amba gets disappointed and leaves from there. Isha comes out of the beauty pageant classes in inspector’s uniform and Suman follows her and reaches there. Natasha holds Dhaval’s hand and tells him that she thinks he has won by doing all this. Natasha says that her enmity is understandable but she should not take revenge from everyone.

Pandya Store

Natasha asks him what he was thinking by calling the media there. Natasha tells him that if anything had happened, Pranali’s licenses would have been lost along with Amresh. Amba calls bhavin and tells him that she got her brother’s ring. Bhavin says that he did not do all this, if his name comes out then he will take Amba’s name. There is an argument between Natasha and Dhaval and she says that Dhaval, they are your family so he should not do this. Dhaval asks Natasha why he thinks he would do this.

Pandya Store 16th February 2024 Written Update

Natasha tells that this was her plan so that he could come home. Amresh goes into flashback and remembers Dhaval’s words. Amba comes to Amresh and says that she did this knowing that Natasha is wrong. Natasha makes Dhaval understand that he should not call the media. Natasha tells Dhaval that if he swears, Dhaval swears on her and Natasha gets dizzy.

Dhaval takes care of Natasha and on the other hand, Amba listens to Amresh. Pranali cries a lot and Doli and Hetal handle her. Isha is rampwalk and Suman catches her. Isha gets scared seeing Suman and falls on the stage. Isha runs behind Suman. The media comes outside Pranali’s clinic and the police arrest Amresh and take him away. Amresh asks the police for an arrest warrant but the police does not have any warrant. Yash has sent that press media to Pranali’s clinic.

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