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Pandya Store Today’s 26th February 2024 Written Update: Amrish gets angry

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television Pandya Store. Today’s report is about Pandya Store’s 26th February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Natasha impresses everyone”. The episode starts with Natasha who comes down. Suman gets happy. Everyone claps for Natasha. The song Love You Zingadi… plays in the background. Natasha walks on the ramp. She hugs Suman. Amba says why didn’t die before seeing all this, these girls ruining our family’s reputation. Juhi announces that this round is finishing here.

Pandya Store

The judges are impressed by the designs of the costumes and the contestant’s entry. The judge says the entry and designs of the costumes were different, whose idea was it? Natasha says it was my idea. Juhi says I already warned them about the costume, you can take strict action against them. The judge says but we are convinced with these designs. Natasha and everyone smiles. Natasha says we will be comfortable and also modern. She says Dhawal Makhwna helped me a lot. Amba and Amrish are shocked. Everyone claps. Dhawal comes on stage and hugs her Bhabhis. Juhi feels jealous. Natasha calls Shashank and his team on the stage. She says to judge that I want also to tell you one thing some women in Shashank’s team were forced to do wrong things due to compulsion but Shashank gave him a new chance to fulfil their dreams.

Pandya Store 26th February 2024 Written Update

Everyone claps. The judge says wow, today we all learned a new inspiration and a new thinking from this stage, and now is the time to announce the result. The top 10 contestants are Isha, Natasha, Hetal, Dolly and Pranali. Dolly’s mother claps. The judge announces that the top 8 contestant is Pranali Makhwana. Pranali gets happy. She hugs Natasha. Hetal claps. Hetal is in the top 9. Hetal’s brother smiles and claps. The judge announces the 10th top contestant’s name. Everyone gets nervous. Suman prays for Natasha.

The judge takes the name of Natasha. Dhawal smiles. Amrish gets angry. Natasha smiles and hugs Suman. Isha sees Amrish and Amba. Amrish recalls how Dhawal locked him into the room. He angrily walks. Chiku is on the way and hides behind the board when he sees Amrish. Amrish notices Dhawal. He recalls Natasha’s words that Dhawal helped them. He walks to Dhawal and yells at him. Dhawal argues with Amrish and says to let everyone live their life as they want.

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