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Pandya Store Today’s 27th February 2024 Written Update: Amrish Leaves in Anger

Here we are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Pandya Store. This page will help you to learn Pandya Store’s 25th February 2024 written update. Today’s topic is “Dhawal plans grand entry for Makhwana ladies”. The episode starts with Dhawal who shows a way to connect with the stage. Hetal asks Dhawal who they will enter from here. She makes entry from the ladder on the stage’s top. Dhawal holds Natasha when she going to fall and asks her to be careful. Juhi announces that Sejal Varma is the last contestant in today’s beauty contest. Suman looks for Natasha.

Pandya Store

Dhawal plans a grand entry for the ladies. He says best of luck to Natasha. First Hetal comes down on stage. She makes entry via an aerial belt. Everyone gets shocked and claps. The song Aashayein…plays in the background. Hetal walks on ramps and looks at Juhi’s reaction. She introduces herself. Next Pranali makes an entry with the Dhawal’s help. She also introduces herself. Next Dolly comes down and she also introduces herself. Natasha looks at Dhawal and praises his plan. Dhawal notices the mark of Natasha’s nail on his hand. Natasha worries as her dress is torn and refuses to go down.

Pandya Store 27th February 2024 Written Update

Dolly walks on the ramp. Chirag gets happy and claps for her. Dhawal brings stapler. He uses the stapler to fix Natasha’s torn dress. The romantic music plays in the background. Natasha gets hurt. He apologizes. She says you can’t do small things as the heroes pin up so well for their heroines in films. He passes a smile. She questions and asks why he is passing the smile. He says after all you have agreed that I am you a hero and you are my heroine. He confirms that he will learn every small thing from her.

Dolly introduces herself as a housewife and a social media influencer and says the next runner-up is Natasha Pandya. Suman smiles after hearing Natasha’s name and thinks it is also planned by her. He fastens the belt around Natasha’s waist and wishes her good luck with her performance. Amrish and Amba make their face when Natasha makes her entry on the stage. Natasha comes down via the belt with the help of Dhawal. The guests clap. Shesh and Mittu happily shout. The song Jeevan Ka Yeh pahiya… plays in the background. Everyone smiles after seeing Natasha’s grand entry. Amrish comes there with Amba, Chirag, and Bhaven. They stand shocked.

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