Ram Charan Upcoming Movies 2020, 2021 & 2022 List, Release Date, Trailer & Budget

Presenting the list of famous Telugu actor Ram Charan’s upcoming movies by Dekh News. Ram Charan is a well-known actor in the Telugu film industry. As you all know Ram Charan has done many films in the Telugu film industry. Friends, he has also appeared in the Hero web series. Through this article, we will give you information about all the upcoming films by Ram Charan. But for that, you all have to stay connected with this channel with us. Ram Charan as you all know is a very famous and powerful actor in the Telugu film industry. You all have seen them in Hindi films too, the name of which is Zanjeer. The film was released in the year 2013. Today you have to know everything through this article that in which character this actor will be seen in his upcoming film? And who are the actors and actresses to be seen with this actor in the lead role? To know all this, all of you will have to stay connected with this page and read the complete information so that all of you are not deprived of any upcoming film of Ram Charan and can enjoy every film of his.

Ram Charan Upcoming Movies List

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As you all know Ram Charan is going to be seen in his upcoming films and among his upcoming films are “RRR” and Merupu films which will be released soon next year. Now you are the time for all of you to know when and who will present the upcoming films in the lead role? Read the complete article for this.

Here we have a list of upcoming movies of Ram Charan below:


Ram Charan’s RRR film is one of the upcoming movies which is a Telugu action period drama that is being directed by S S Raja Mouli. The film is starring  NT Rama Rao Jr, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt, and Ajay Devgan. This film is set to be released in the next year in 2021. Friends the date for releasing this splendid one upcoming movie has not been finalized so far. The two famous Bollywood stars will also be seen in this forthcoming movie as we already told you, Ajay Devgan And Alia Bhatt.


Merupu is also one of the upcoming movies of Ram Charan where he will be seen along with Kajal Agarwal in the lead role. The film is being directed by Dharani and has been produced by R B Chaudhari. This Telugu action-drama will soon be released this year or the next year but there is no confirmation of the release date of the film. When we get this good news we will inform you that the movie when is being released. So friends for knowing this all remaining details you will have to stay associated with this channel so that we can inform you by sending you a notification including every essential information which is to be noted.

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