First Wild Card In Bigg Boss 10 The Trouble Maker Is Back In The House

First Wild Card In Bigg Boss 10 The Trouble Maker Is Back In The House :-The Bigg Boss 10 is clicking every box to entertain the big Indian population. After the eventful first week, the action has now been shifted to the second week with the Celebrities becoming the ruler and the commoners becoming servants. Apart from this, there is a big twist coming that will shock the Bigg Boss contestants along with the 2.1 billion Indian population. In the upcoming episode, Bigg Boss 10 housemates will welcome the first wildcard contestant of this season.


According to the close sources of Bigg Boss, in the upcoming days, a contestant will enter the Bigg Boss house, and you will be shocked to hear the name of wildcard contestant. Well, its none other than Priyanka Jagaa.

We all know that Priyanka was eliminated form the Bigg Boss 10 house on Sunday, but it was tactics of the makers of the Bigg Boss. If reports, to believe, Priyanka Jagaa never left the Bigg Boss house as she was kept in the secret room of Bigg Boss house where she can listen and watch every contestant of the house.


The makers decided to keep her aside to bring the spark and excitement to the game and with Priyanka returning to the show, one can expect a lot of action and drama. The return of Priyanka will surely bring the epic clash between the Celebrity and the Indiawale. Also, Priyanka’s best mate and partners in crime Swami OmJii  in Bigg house will also get revealed as her favorite child will return. In the last episode, Om Ji was seen crying while watching the poster of Priyanka Jagga and even complained the Bigg Boss that it is making him feel sad for Priyanka.

Although, Priyanka Jagga is the most hatted contestant of Bigg Boss house, but it is also a fact that the girl herself taken the TRP of the show at some extent. With her returning the show, it will be interesting to see how other fellow contestant will react to her return. So, guys tighten up your seat belts for witnessing the exciting episode of Bigg Boss 10.