Gaura Targets Gun at Gopi! Saath Nibhana Saathiya Today 13th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Gaura Targets Gun at Gopi! Saath Nibhana Saathiya Today 13th May 2016 Episode Written Updates : The yesterday night episode of the daily soap Saath Nibhana Saathiya begins with Kokila asks Gaura to leave her Gopi Bahu. Gaura says I have problem not only with you, in fact I am having problem with the entire Modi family. Gaura says Gopi, she wants to be Devi and for that she ruins my plan, so now I won’t leave her.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2016 Written Updates

Guara further said that Gopi’s daughter Meera, she is a Teeki Churi…. And I brought her to take revenge from the Modi family but she gives me trouble contradictory, even she tried to kill my son Dharam. Gopi says you are wrong. Dharam, Ahem, Jigar, Hetal and Shravan are in the car. Gaura tells them that she will not kill Vidya now, and but she will be killing Vidya afterward Vidya will be giving birth to the Chiraag of the Suryavanshi family.

Kokila is shocked now after listening so from Guara. And Gaura further said to Kokila, that I will also fulfil my promise made to Nayya’s in-laws and will handover baby to them. Modi family is shocked. Gaura says to Kokila that the Modi family going to cry now as they will lose their younger daughter Vidya. Afterward, you guys will b e seeing Vidya’s dead body, Oh My God! I am waiting to see your reaction.

When Gopi was shocked hearing so, Gaura said further that I will be making Vidya to commit suicide.

Durga is in car and she prayed to god for the Modi family. Pari said that we need to call police. On the other hand, Gaura humiliated Kokila badly, even she said Kokila to dance on the glass. Gopi cries and Meera said to Kokila don’t, do that. Kokila is shocked. Gura said to Kokila that we are friend and now you have to be my friend.
Kokila finally steps on the glass pieces and scream and cries in pain. Gaura sings a song about the friendship of 2 friends.

Precap: Gaura targets gun at Gopi or Kokila. Meera asks her not to shoot but Gaura shoots the gun. Meera and Vidya scream shockingly.