Harman kiss Soumya! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

This episode starts with the Nimmi, Where Nimmi pays to the god for the handle that the 21 days matter and on the other side where Harman keeps Soumya’s hand and kiss her hand and Soumya getting nervous after Harman kiss her hand.

Shakti 25nd July 2016 Written Episode

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode Written Updates

Before this incident Where Saya controls to get a room in Harak Singh’s home. The servant tells her to tell whenever he needs anything.

She believes Soumya don’t worry, when you get sling out of the home, I will bring you to our system for which you are prepared.

Harman speaks romantically with Soumya and Nimmi asks Surbhi and asks how is Soumya?

Surbhi tells her not to disturb and says all normal. Nimmi believes when the truth is over then what will occur.

Maninder is concerned and thinks Soumya is a load on him and will destroy his honor. Bebe screams and understands with her son. Maninder also screams. He takes wine and drops quietly.

Preeto tells Soumya is sick and needs support. Harman asks everybody to go. Surbhi tells, Soumya not to suffer as Harman is a helpful person and will not irritate her.

Nimmi asks Surbhi and catches someone telling bride and bridegroom shall go to their place.

Nimmi implores to God to control everything and has pity on her. Harman’s sister asks him to give money and go inside. Harman teases her and asks her to go.

They decline to let him join his room. Harman tells this is gunda giri and orders them to move. They ask for getting money.

Harman gives money. His sister demands jewelry. Harman tells her to get jewelry from her mate and tells you have given him and is promptly staying with us.

Preeto and her child are down. Soumya ignores her necklace and gives in her hand.

Harman’s sister denies taking. Soumya tells it is the neck. Preeto tells her to use it as Soumya is giving with respect. She knows it. Soumya comes to the bedroom.

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