Honda GB350 RS Price Features Specs Colours Variant Images Mileage And Top Speed

The new Honda CB350 RS that was earlier launched in India, is now all set to launch in the showrooms of Japan as Honda GB350 on 15th July 2021. The company has made this announcement on their official social media account and also unveiled that this brand new made in India motorbike, will come in two variants that include a standard Honda GB350 and the premium GB350S. Moreover, Honda has also stated that after the launching of the CB250RS in the Japanese market, they are planning to launch the same in other countries also.

Honda GB350 RS Price

Both the variant has a 349 cc single-cylindrical air-cooled engine that can generate a maximum horsepower of 20.8bhp at a 55,00 rpm meanwhile, at 3,00 rpm the bike will give a peak torque of 30Nm. Also, it has been said that the GB350 is almost similar to the Indian specification model subject to certain modifications. Both the Japanese variants will have a selectable torque control safety system that will allow the tyre to grip while reducing the torque. The GB350 motorbike has a rear tyre of 130mm while the premium GB350 S has a broader tyre of 150mm.

Moreover, both the two variants have a distinct kind of footpegs positioning and at the same time also has a distinguished lower handlebar. In fact, even the headlights bezel of both the variant are different, however, both the variants will come with full LED lightings, meanwhile, the standard version will come with a halogen lamp. Moreover, it has been specifically stated by the company out of the two variants of “Honda GB350”, the premium version will be available for the rider in different and colour options, however, the standard version will only come with one colour variant option.

Meanwhile, most of the specification of the new GB350 model is quite similar to the Indian version of the bike, with some necessary modifications. Also, according to the reports, the company is planning to sell both the variants of GB350 in Japny through their Honda Dream Network Project and as previously discussed, thereafter the company is planning to export the same in other continents including Europe and the rest of the Asia-pacific continent.

Well, as of now, Honda has not made any announcement regarding the same, however, they have shared their long-term vision of expanding the made in India honda wheelers across the world, and for that, they are trying to manufacture more premium motorcycles in the country. However, as part of their plan, they have already started to expand their dealership in multiple cities of India. Stay tuned with us.

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