HTC Aero Features Specifications Price Release Date Availability

Many of us knows that HTC One M9 was not able to do many wonders may be because of its high price and therefore its sales registered were quite low for this year. Keeping this disaster in mind, HTC is now working on a model which will keep the company busy till they are ready for their new HTC One venture. Company has named this new model as HTC Aero. There are not many details available about the specs and features of this handset but recently a report has been released from Vietnam clearing the smog around the specs of this smart phone.

HTC Aero

HTC Aero

HTC Aero Specification

If these reports from Vietnam are to be trusted then, HTC aero will be boasting a QHD resolution which is the latest trend nowadays since it offers extremely crystal clear display quality. It is not yet cleared that what screen size will it brag.

It is not the first time that company will be launching a smart phone with QHD Display, before this Aero there are android phones like One M9+, One ME, and J Butterfly which is only present in Japan proffering QHD display. These three handsets come along with 5.2” display size, there is another venture named HTC One E9+ which accommodates large 5.5” display sioze and hence comes in the category of a phablet.  So we can expect that aero may also posses 5.2” or 5.5” display size but these are all speculations we can’t say anything firmly.

Other rumor is that this handset will be incorporating latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protections. For smooth and feather-touch swiping, popular 2.5D edges will be present on the top of the glass. Clearly one thing is confirmed that customers are going to have marvelous experience in terms of the touch-response and image quality.

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If grapevines are to be trusted then HTC aero will be sporting an improved version of their camera lens and will comprise of f/1.9 aperture though which one will be able to shoot images at higher resolution. It is also claimed that this lens will be sufficient enough to take raw images which can be converted into poster size without aid of any enhancement technique which is just used for dslr and professional camera for now.

HTC has always worked on being innovative and come up with some rationale ideas that have influenced customers in a great sense. We can expect the similar thing with HTC aero. It might be a possibility that HTC Aero accommodates some of the really amazing specs.

When it will be available in the market?

For now even the specs are not cleared so one can’t actually comment on when this handset will be available for the customers. But in the latest news HTC CEO, Cher Wang has stated that they are going to launch a HERO handset in this month of October. So we can anticipate that this smart phone might be HTC aero only. Initially it will hit the UK market. Since HTC faced the problems while selling HTC One M9 we can expect it to be little cheaper.

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