I will kidnap Sita! Siya Ke Ram 17th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

The action-filled Masala TV serial ‘Siya Ke Ram’ are just going through huge melodrama which is literally having huge attention from the fans. Now the time on the TV series has been come, when the demon Ravana and goddess Sita’s face to face connection and meeting is yet to showcase.

Siya Ke Ram Episode written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Episode written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Episode written Updates

We all know at the previous episode of the TV series it was Ravan’s younger sister Surpanakha madly falls in love with Ram and she now wants to marry Ram. She now went towards Ram and proposed him for marriage but Ram refused the same by saying that he is being already married to Sita.

When Surpanakha get to know that it is Ram is in love with his wife Sota, she fumes on anger and she was seen cursing the couple. When Surpanakha were busy for the same and somehow she cross her limits and Laxman arrives there and cut her nose as Laxman was unable to control his anger.

In the upcoming episodes, you will see Surpanakha reaching the court of her elder brother Lanka ruler Ravana. Seeing Surpanakha, she was seen hiding her nose, Ravana will enquire about the person who did this to her as this is a sin and Ravan won’t leave the person for his deed.

Seeing this insult wreaked upon his sister, Dashanana will lose his cool and start on journey to seek vengeance from the person. However, Ravana will not only avenge his darling sister’s insult but also he said that he will teach brutal lesson to the person.

Ravana had come back to Lanka, and he can remember after being offended at the Swaymvar of Sita and also he can’t forget it that Sita did not choose him as his groom and now Laxman humiliated his sister.

In the mean time, the Raaj Tilak of the Sugreev done and he are from the Hanuman family. The entire Ramayana is in now happy mood but Ravana is there to ruin the happiness of the same.

Precap: Raavan holds Akampana’s neck and says I have sent you to Dandakaranya not to know my enemy’s greatness, but I want to know his weakness. Akampana says Ram has one weakness, his wife Sita. Raavan says he has insulted a woman of our family; so now Ram will suffer the same and he will be dying when I will kidnap his dear wife Sita. Mandodari is shocked now.

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