Total Earning Fan 33rd Days Box Office Collection Worldwide Report

Well, people’s excitement on another level when they watched the trailer of “Fan” but when the movie released I don’t know what happened with those people who was talking about the movie and that’s became the biggest threat for the movie on other hand SRK did the huge promotion of movie and for that he keep knocking every promotion shows like you all know but nothing happened good for the movie and in the end movie went average for the makers as well as for the SRK.

Fan Box Office Collection

Fan Box Office Collection

Fan Box Office Collection

Movie opened with mixed occupancy even people have buzz for the movie also people who watched the movie didn’t gave that good word of mouth and that’s became threat for the movie also I think makers didn’t think a bit about script and screenplay and they thought that anything can be good with the big actor like SRK.

Movie got failed like you all know even movie didn’t get anything from the box office and in the end movie collected only average bucks for the makers like expected by the makers.

33th Day Box Office collection of the movie-

In its first weekend, “Fan” as per report earned the highest opening weekend collection of year with the amount of Rs. 52.35 crore, including, Rs. 19.20 crore of Friday, Rs. 15.40 crore of Saturday and Rs. 17.75 crore of Sunday. The figure is obviously higher but not as much appealing on the benchmark set by SRK.

Movie collected 71.10 Crore from the first week also 10 Crore from the second week and 2 Crore from the third week and with these all collection movie averagely collected between 84.10 Crore from the Indian Box Office or you can say by Domestic box office collection.

Fan movie didn’t went hit or not flop movie collected only Budget and that’s so average I think SRK didn’t going to take this type of movies again also I think movie has nothing bad but people didn’t took thriller as the way makers want and that’s so unimpressive.

Movie going to be the worst deal for the makers and that’s so awkward. Also I don’t think movie going to be the best movie for the SRK.

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