India: Coldplay announces that Tickets are utterly free for the concert in Mumbai

India: Coldplay announces that Tickets are utterly free for the concert in Mumbai :- British Rock band Coldplay to perform in India has become a quite thing now. They are all set to perform in the West of India Mumbai on November 11. After the band visited India last year, rumors of their upcoming concert in the country have been spread like wildfire. Well, with the joy of concert announcement the fans were nearly heartbroken to know that the concert ticket charges.


On September 9, a Mid-Day report confirmed that Coldplay is going to finally play in Mumbai on November 19 also, they added the tickets are costing between Rs 25,000 to Rs 5 lakh. However, this was no official announcement by the band or their organizers.

The reports went viral soon on the social media and fans who were in splits with the ticket prices news finally got to hear the good news.

Now, If you were still concerned about how you’ll manage to the tickets at that high so just stop it right there as they’re free of cost. Yes, you heard that right. The passes are utterly free but you can’t just go and get them. You have to do something for that.


In this very first concert in India, the aim is being a part of Global Poverty Project that aims to abolish severe poverty by 2030, the organizers want you to do some good and earn a pass for yourself.

On September 12, you’ll know what exactly you’ll have to do.

On their official website they wrote,

“Starting Monday, tickets to the Global Citizen Festival in India can be earned through the new platform by signing up to become a Global Citizen and completing the festival’s action campaigns at GlobalCitizen.IN. In its first year, Global Citizen India will offer a wide cross-section of content and actions focused on creating meaningful impacts in the areas of education, equality, and clean water and sanitation,”