iPhone Lock Screen Bug Grants Access to Contacts, Photos

In the latest updates for IOS Apple has exposed its self to a new bug that is voiding the security for the Iphone users. This bug is mainly seen in the latest Iphone 6s and 6s Plus as both of them have the 3D touch fictions which even makes easy to bypass its lock screen. But this could easily be done on any model of Iphone working on any IOS.

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iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Lock Screen Bug Helps to View Details and Photos

iPhone Lock Screen Bug Helps to View Details and Photos And How To Solve Lock Screen Bug

iPhone Lock Screen Bug Helps to View Details and Photos And How To Solve Lock Screen Bug

Iphone has already been in a great problem with FBI regarding its security issues but now with this phenomena this is going to be a really bad problem for Apple with what it stand. Iphone has always been know for its security and it was the first smartphone that was ever launched with a Touch Id. This bug was first ever noticed by YouTuber named as Videosdebarraquito. And he made a video to show people and warn people about this bug.


(Youtube – Videosdebarraquito)

This is the only bug that is currently found in this latest IOS but it is also possible that there could be more bugs that we don’t know about. Apple has to take this matter very seriously because this can really effect the Apple and Iphone’s reputation.

How To Solve Lock Screen Bug

As you people can see in the video this can only be done by if your “Siri” is ON for the lock screen. so, most of the user can turn OFF there SIRI ON LOCK screen option this is going to help you to stop this bug and you can feel safe again with your Iphone.

This is one of the beggest problem for Apple and they shold work to find a solution for this bug, So Iphone user can assume that an update will soon be on its way to remove this bug. Because Apple never compromise for its security.

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