iphones New iOS Update Fixes Audio Issue on Apple

iphones New iOS Update Fixes Audio Issue on Apple :- A new iOS 10 update has fix the audio issues on the iPhone 7 involving a problem with the Lightning EarPod’s volume control.


According to CultofMac that iOS 10.0.2 was primarily released recently to fix a bug related to the glitch involving the volume control of EarPod. The glitch made it impossible for users to answer phone call, adjust volume or activate Siri.

Users had no choice but to unplug and then plug in the Earpods every time the glitch kicked in before the release of the new update of iOS 10.

The new update also fixes other issues related to app extensions and photos. Apple still decided to release the fix.


Among other problems, some iPhone users, especially iPhone 5s and 6 users have been complaining of extremely quick battery drains after they upgraded to iOS 10. However, the new update does not seem to fix the battery quandary.

The new update of iOS 10 can be downloaded via an over-the-air update or by the use of iTunes of Apple.