Is the online Casino industry in India booming?

With the technological improvements all around the world, online gaming activities have become a major attraction for internet users. One major area of online gaming is online gambling on online casinos. This particular industry has meteorically risen in many countries around the world such as USA, Kenya and the likes, and it’s a great source of revenue to the economies of most of these countries. Thanks to the proliferation of gadgets such as PCs and mobile devices which can easily access the internet, it is easy for most internet users to access online casinos of their choices. This website shows a comprehensive list of Casinos in India and the best place to play and win. This text focuses on the online casino industry in India and whether or not it has experienced a similar boom as other countries.

Legality of Online Casinos in India

Various countries have differing outlooks towards gambling. In India, there are legal and moral concerns attached to gambling. Since the Indian nation has quite an enormous population of about 1.3 billion persons, one may imagine that India would graciously allow gambling activities; however, this is not the case as there are certain laws which have been in place for quite some time to control the gambling activities of Indian residents. Gambling in India is regulated both on a Federal and State scale. At the Federal level, the Public Gaming Act of 1867 makes gambling and betting illegal (this was made way before the internet was conceived); as it permits Indians to play games which will rely on the skill of the player but not chance; also, another legislation is the Indian Information Technology Act of 2000, which also forbade information capable of corrupting persons from being transmitted or published, though it’s quite nebulous and doesn’t explicitly mention online gambling activities such as betting at online casinos. At the State level, the Indian states do not permit gambling, with the exception of 4 states (Daman, Goa, Nagaland, Sikkim), and their laws are not so direct either, though, the State of Sikkim had previously tried to directly address online gambling by attempting to auction 3 licenses for online casinos, but later on dropped the idea due to little interest in biddings. There hasn’t been any open talk of legalizing online casinos ever since then. So, with an objective view of this situation, there isn’t an explicit permission or ban of online casinos.

Available online casinos in India

Though when discussing online gambling such as betting at online casinos, the regulations on this are quite vague. This is pretty easy to understand given the fact that online casinos have recently become a thing which arose with the technological revolution, and various nations are still trying to catch up with how internet activities such as betting at online casinos or sports betting can be effectively regulated. Therefore, as regards the legality of betting at online casinos in India, there’s no direct or definite response.

Due to the lack of certainty, the online casino industry cannot be described as booming to its full potential. Though, there are places where you can what the current trends on Online Casino is like in India. Also, this uncertainty is what has kept major online casinos waiting for an improvement in the situation of things in India. As a result of the Information Technology Act, it’s quite impossible for a domestic Indian online casino to function in India, and offshore casinos have taken advantage of this situation. Some offshore casinos which accept Indian players and support payments made in rupees include JackpotCity online Casino, LeoVegas online casino, Royal Panda online casino, All Slots online Casino, Betway online Casino, Spin online Casino, 888 Online Casino, Lucky days online casino, Yeti online casino. Players from India can access services on these online casinos ranging from slots, video poker games, casino hold ‘em, 3 card poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, dream catcher, live dealer games amongst others.

With the current situation in India, it may not be so accurate to say the online casino industry is booming, it is true that Indian residents can easily access offshore online casinos which accept them. However, the long-standing viewpoint of India towards the online casino industry is not as positive as other countries which allow domestic online casinos to run and benefit in terms of taxes and revenues. Therefore, the online casino industry in India can be labelled as far from reaching its full potential.