Dhaani is Shocked! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th August 2016 Episode Written Update

Dhaani is Shocked! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th August 2016 Episode Written Update : The show begins with Viplav asking that Is Vidha’s father is dead? He said I am alive. Dhaani asked you got hitched to Kamini… .Viplav answers I will answer your each inquiry and advised her that I will let you know why did I wed her at the same time, Dhaani declines to tune in. Viplav requesting that her leave from his life so far and this time, flee from his life. Dhaani instructed him to clear out.


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th August 2016 Written Updates

Dhaani asks I require your assistance and requests that he take her to the healing center. Viplav answers that your new spouse will take you. Dhaani yells and let him know that she needs to see whether the cash is saved or not. Viplav requested that her not yell else she will black out and now he is going to bring an auto.

Parshiya told ward kid that he needn’t bother with cash now .and believes that at whatever point he tries to accomplish something, Viplav used to comes in the middle of him and Dhaani and Vidha. Viplav conveys Dhaani to doctor’s facility holding her hand… .Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays… … ..Parshiya asks Viplav what was the deal? Dulaari asked them for what reason you are strolling this way?

Viplav addressed her that Dhaani was moving on the smoldering coal with uncovered feet. Parshiya addressed Dhaani, what Viplav is stating? Dulaari questions have you gone distraught? Viplav admonishes her and advised her that you both were attempting to get cash by one means or another, however didn’t try to illuminate me. I am her dad.

Dulaari advises him that Dhaani called you ordinarily, yet you didn’t reply. At that point, Viplav understands that he has overlooked his telephone in the inn room and apologizes. The specialist comes and let them know this is a serious case, and Vidha had eaten something which was toxic. Dhaani supposes I don’t comprehend… my girl had eaten poison.

Dulaari let them know that she had eaten the same thing for us. Viplav requested that Dhaani unwind as Vidha will be fine… Did you hear what Doctor said? I am stating she will be fine. He requested that her not lose quality and inquired as to whether she had eaten something else. Dhaani let him know that I can’t remember anything. The medical attendant advises them that Vidha has picked up cognizance. Dhaani rushes to ward while Viplav requesting that her watchful. Vidha called her mother and advised her not to cry. Parshiya additionally comes there. He asks how are you? Vidha addressed if the marriage is done, and asks did you turn into my dad? Viplav looks on in tears hears eyes.

Vidha looks on Viplav and let him know Rakshas uncle, don’t abandon me ever. Viplav answers I will never abandon you. The medical attendant requesting that they let Vidha take rest. Dhaani advised Vibha I will converse with your numerous things once you get fine. Vidha requesting that her discussion to her better half Parshiya. Dhaani and Viplav look on.

Later Viplav contemplates Vidha getting hiccups yesterday, and shares with Dulaari. Dulaari illuminates Viplav that she drank channel water and fell oblivious. Viplav says would you say you are certain? He advised her we might go and check. Dulaari says it is kept there. Dhaani asked them I will likewise accompany you both. Viplav says Vidha is still unwell and requesting that her stay with his little girl.

He checked the channel at the base and discovers dead reptile inside. He told my little girl drank this harmful water. Dulaari says it is my mix-up. Yet, Viplav advised her that no one can comprehend that a channel can have a dead reptile.

Parshiya’s companion comes and got some information about Vidha. Parshiya advised her that she is fine at this point. His companion gives him the collection and goes. Specialist told Viplav that it will take a day to get the toxic substance out of her body, and illuminate them that there is an issue as her platelet number is low and needs O negative blood. Viplav says, obviously, she is my little girl so my blood will coordinate with hers. He requesting that he get blood from his body and spare his little girl. Parshiya took a gander at the collection. While Dhaani was taking a gander at Viplav. The medical attendant requested that Dhaani encourage something to Viplav as the blood benefactor feels discombobulated in the wake of giving blood. Dhaani takes the dish and goes to Viplav. Viplav tries to go, yet Dhaani makes him have it. The tune keeps on playing Itni Si Baat Hai Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai… … .Parshiya happens to see something in the pic and gets stunned. Dhaani reviewed Doctor’s words that she had eaten something. She reviews Viplav telling that he cleared out his telephone was cleared out.


In the up and coming scene, Parshiya goes to the picture taker shop and solicits him to zoom a section from the pic. Later he brings the zoom form of the pic and shows to Dhaani. Dhaani couldn’t trust it. Later Dasharath tells Viplav that he had gotten his letter when he was missing and demonstrates it. Viplav understands it and tells that he had not composed it. Dasharath is stunned.