Shivaye kiss anika! Ishqbaaz 14th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Shivaye kiss anika! Ishqbaaz 14th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz begins with Shivaay, Anika both of them get drunk! The Oberoi brothers play a truth or dare game with Malika, Tia, and Anika. Meanwhile, Gayatri has a plan against the Oberois. Later, Shivaay and Anika get drunk and dance together!


In the truth and dare game the Oberoi brothers have been seen huge fun much before Tia thinks to dance in the party but Rudra asked her to drop her plan. As it is a pool party so we guys should have fun here.

Now Rudra sees Saumya and he also gives her compliment by telling her that day by day she is becoming too cute. Somehow somebody sees Shivaay with Mallika and both of them were drunk so they go close which someone has been captures in camera.

Roop is still unable to find the property related stuffs which seh is looking for, so she cursed both Tez and Shakti. The woman who always stays with her seems like that from now she will be doing blackmail to her, Roop is shocked with that.

Shivaay in drunken stage holds Anika and asked to her that what she did to patch up him and Tia it was sweetest thing ever. Shivaay also asked to her thank you, Anika is happy and surprised to see the gestures and she also spent some quality time with each other.

So afterward the friendly chat both Shivaay and Anika dance with each other on the song “Khayeke Paan Banaras Wala” and their dance was too entertaining. It is crystal clear that it is actually Shivaay and Anika likes each other’s company.

Pinky is go angry to see that the Oberoi brothers, even girls just sleep in the site of the pool party as all of them go intoxicated after having the mixed drink. Indeed, it is clearly shown that the Oberoi brothers enjoy the pool party a lot.

Precap: The upcoming episode is the amazing as Pinky will be seen asking dozens of questions to Shivaay, Anika is also there and she looks confused.

Pinky scolded Anika and Rudra keep starring everybody.