Shivaye warns Anika! Ishqbaaz 25th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Shivaye warns Anika! Ishqbaaz 25th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Anika saying Dadi that she had made the payment for all items, and the money is of Shivaye. Shivaya gets shocked after hearing all this stuff.


Ishqbaaz Today Episode Written Updates

Then, Anika says Check Mate like Shivaye told her. Then, Anika was seen in a dark room, and she was getting goosebumps from Darkness.

Then, Dadi came there and switched on the lights and asked her not to get frightened from the darkness. She also requested her to take this room and told her that it was Rudra’s room.

Anika thanked Dadi and told her that this room is bigger than her entire house, and Dadi promises her that she will never let anyone disturb her.

Meanwhile, Ishaana’s receives a call from a goon, and he asked her that does she know where is her sister right now? Then, Ishaana shouts by taking Mona’s name.

On the other side, Shivaye listens to the conversation between her sister Priyanka and Anika.

Anika was saying Priyanka that your brother is Sadhu. Shivaye listens to all this and thought that Anika talks a lot. Then, he calls Khanna and asks him about the order.

But Khanna told him that Dadi ordered not to touch Anika’s house. Shivaya gets annoyed after listening all this and think that he will not spare Anika.

On the other side, Ishaana asked his dad about her sister Mona, but his father was drunk and irresponsive.

Meanwhile, Om and Rudra came to talk to Anika. Rudra apologises to Anika as he thinks he is responsible for his fight with Shivaye.

Anika forgave him and asked Om and Rudra, which are they all real brothers? And does Shivaye loves them all?

Om says” Although, we all are not real brothers, but we all loves each other a lot.

Then, Shivaye came to talk to Anika and asked Om and Rudra to leave. Then, Dadi came there and called Shivaye by her nickname “Billlu”. Shivaye asked Dadi not to call him Billu, Anika laughs and goes with Dadi.

Meanwhile, Tia’s mom came there and appreciated the beauty of Oberoi house. Rudra makes a joke on Robin as Robin was mute.

Pinky asked Om to cut down his hair as she told him that, does she want to come to shivaye’s marriage like her sister. Everyone’s laughs.

On the other side, Ishaan’s was running on the road and was shouting Mona.

Then, a friendly banter was shown between the Anika and Shivaye. Anika was sitting on the sofa, but Shivaye came there and asked her to get up.

Dadi Interrupts and call Shivaye Billu. Shivaye got annoyed and asked Dadi not to call her Billu.

Meanwhile, Om and Rudra were discussing that Why Shivaye hates Anika?. And they felt that Shivaye likes Anika.

Then, Dadi asked the man, what is the bill? That man says it’s four lakhs and Anika already paid it.

Dadi gets shocked; she asked Anika that Does she made the payment? Anika informed her that, she had made the payment, but money was Shivaye’s.

Shivaye got shocked, and then, Anika went to Shivaye and told him Checkmate and did his signature step.


Shivaye will ask Anika to not say anything about that Chip or otherwise you will get to see the bad phase of Shivaye Oberoi