Ishqbaaz 30th September 2016 Written Updates Episode, Anika decorate mandap!

Ishqbaaz 30th September 2016 Written Updates Episode, Anika decorate mandap! :- The Star Plus’s trending show Ishqbaaaz is currently yet to offer that to showcase whether Anika ideal choice for Shivaay? Om and Rudra try to convince Shivaay that Anika is the right partner for him. How long will it take for Shivaay to accept it as he is also in love with Anika!


Anyway, the last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaaz started with Shivaay announced that he is all set to marry Tia next day as he needs to take over the Sashwat business as well Tia is a perfect choice for her. Anika is shocked to know that Shivaay will be now tying knot with Tia, she should not be but somehow she is upset of it.

Rudra and Om try to make Shivaay realised that Tia is not good for him as they are thinking that Shivaay is fond of Anika and maybe she is actually the ideal choice for him as the entire Oberoi family is fond of her. Dadi likes her and she is always there to support us apart from she is the only person who can manage you.

Shivaay asked Rudra and Om that Anika is nothing to him and she is only my wedding planner and Dadi actually chooses her. Shivaay thinks that she is unable to be a wedding planner too as her works Shivaay thinks not impressive.

Anika is hurt to hear Shivaay’s opinion for her as she was there with the Sherwanis. Anika asked Shivaay that he need to chooses between these Sherwanis and Shivaay chooses one afterwards, somehow Shivaay and Anika comes closes.
Shivaay and Anika both have an eye lock and they lost in each other though. Om and Rudra both are busy watching Shivaay and Anika as they think that Shivaay and Anika are perfect for each other.

Ridhima asked Anika that what she will be going to wear in the wedding, Anika said that Shivaay takes decision to tie the knot with Tia so fast, so now I am unable to even realised that on the day of the wedding I should be in which dress. Even I have no idea what to say and what to do now.

Saumya feels bad for Anika and she takes Ridhima from there for shopping. Anika said that she also has to do so many works and her left. Shivaay asked Om and Rudra that his decision of marriage with Tia is his own decision and he is disappointed to see that his brothers are not supporting him.

Rudra goes emotionally with these words of Shivaay and he hugs Shivaay. Om said that whatever your decision is your brothers are always with you and the Oberoi brothers embraced each other.

Dadi is emotional to see that Shivaay take the decision of the wedding too fast and she shares it with Anika. Anika asked to her that whatever Shivaay take the decision of the wedding it is for the Oberoi family and I think the family members should support him in his decision. Dadi smiles and hugs Anika.

Precap: Shivaay is shocked to see the wedding Mandap (Venue) prepares by Anika and Anika is standing there with flowers in her hands.