Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2016 Written Updates! Anika Stop Shivaay Marriage Episode

Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2016 Written Updates! Anika Stop Shivaay Marriage Episode :- The TV series Ishqbaaz is now all set to showcase that Anika will be on a mission! Pinki tells Janhvi that she has seen the girl from the video. Meanwhile, Anika decides to prove Tej and Shakti innocent. What does she know about the CD it is yet to clear.


The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz further shows that Anika feel something sceptical of the girl that she is fake who put murder charge on Shakti and Tez, Shivaay is worried as he thinks he need to make his Papa and Bade Papa free from this false allegations.

Anika was watching a low budget horror movie with her brother Sahil and in that time she feels that a girl did a minor role in the movie who is very similar to the girl who put allegation on Shakti and Tez Oberoi.

She thinks to inform it to Shivaay but later feels she should not inform this as Shivaay must be busy with his wedding now with Tia. Shivaay has some quality time with Rudra and Om, Om still sceptical of Shivaay’s decision to marry Tia as he thinks Tia is not right choice for him.

But Om thinks to stay mute on the issue as he promised to Shivaay that he will be always with Shivaay on his every decision. Anika is worried what dress she should be in the wedding of Shivaay and Tia as it will be a lavish wedding.

Sahil suggest her to wear the dress which gifted to her by Om, Rudra and Priynaka but Anika feel hesitation to wear it. But Sahil asked to her that if she will be wear it she will be looking die for so she should go with the dress Bindaas.

Anika is thinking something whether to wear the dress or not. Pinky asked to Jahnvi that it looks like she sees somewhere the girl who put the charge on Shakti and Tez but JAhnvi asked to her that she should focus on Shivaay’s wedding rather than this tension.

Dadi is very happy with the Shivaay’s wedding. Shivaay asked to Pinky that for him his mother and her happiness matters most so he is now decided to tie know with Tia as even his mom Pinky likes her.

Recap: Shivaay and Tia are getting married and Om looks worried.