Ishqbaaz 9th October 2016 Today Written Updates Episode! Priyanka is crying

Ishqbaaz 9th October 2016 Today Written Updates Episode! Priyanka is crying :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz begins with Chhabra comes in the Oberoi mansion. Shivaay talks on the phone. And Chhabras likes Priyanka to fix their son’s wedding with Priyanka. The Chhabras also thinks that Anika and Shivaay are going to; marry. She says don’t hurry for babies and enjoy your life first. Shivaay looks at each other and goes confused.


When Chhabras were keep considering Anika as Shivaay’s fiancée Shivaay realised it that the Chhabras are just misunderstood so he just clear to the family that Anika is not his fiancée she is the wedding planner of him and Tia who is actually his real fiancé.

Somehow Anika feels bad of it but suddenly she started wondering why she can feel bad and just she focus on something else. Now Anika sees the boy who arrived to see Priyanka and Anika asked him cutely.

Saumya also sees him and she asked Anika that he is not cute he is a creep. Anika and Priyanka both are shocked to see so and Anika asked to Saumya if she knows anything about Rohan then she should need to speak about it now as this can be affected Priyanka’s life.

Saumya asked something about Rohan to Anika and Anika turn shocked. Anika asked to Saumya that Priyanka should not marry this guy and I need to reveal the reality of this guy to Billu Jee as soon as possible. Priyanka also looks tensed for her future.

Anika thinks to speak about Rohan to Billu Jee but eventually Saumya shocked to know that 2 boys come to see Priyanka but the groom should be Dev, not Rohan and Saumya thinks that Dev is the right choice for Priyanka.

She surprised to see Dev who is such a good guy and he is supposed to be the groom. Saumya sighs as she thinks that Priyanka can’t marry such a creep guy like Rohan.

Precap: Priyanka asked to Shivaay did not do right, Anika and Dev had no other way, and he was saying truth Shivaay should hear to Anika Di.

Anika says calm down, wash your face, then we will sit and talk. Priyanka cries and goes. Anika gets worried. Saumya thinks to sort out the issue as well she wishes to patch up with Shivaay Bhaiyaa and Anika Di as they are not in good terms’ now.