It’s Confirm! Navjot Singh Sidhu is not leaving The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS)

It’s Confirm! Navjot Singh Sidhu is not leaving The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) : As we confirmed that Bua is getting back to the show yesterday. Here is an amazing new twist in the show “The Kapil Sharma Show” Navjot Singh Siddu was in rounds for quitting Bjp and also resigning as a Rajya Sabha member. This was not it, he was also doing rounds that Siddhu may be quitting The Kapil Sharma Show soon as he wants to revamp his image. As he wants to switch to AAP from BJP. Don’t know how far accurate it is but here is to put an end to the rumors doing round that Siddhu Paji is quitting Kapil’s show.


The creative director of the show Preeti Simoes stated that the news about Paji quitting the show is completely false.

The former cricketer has been a famous fixture, since the show’s beginning (three years). A source from the show was quoted by the leading daily as saying, “He came to Mumbai to shot for TKSS. From what we get to know, he is intending to leave.

Now that Preeti has confirmed the news of Sidhu leaving the show is inaccurate, Paaji’s fans will breathe a sigh of relief. The Kapil Sharma’s Show has been in headlines from the beginning – be it for the cast or TRPs!

Good News! ‘Bua’ Aka Upasana Singh Has Joined The Kapil Sharma Show Team

According to the latest reports, Upasana joined TKSS as soon as she quit Comedy Night Live. After quitting CNL, Upasana has suggested that she might consider doing Kapil Sharma’s show if they provided her a significant role.

Seems like Upasana hit the hint, as she will be seen with Naseem on TKSS. Naseem will be seen performing the role of Upasana’s husband. Upasana will be shown married in the show and be playing their neighbor. She would want to become an actress and will want Naseem to produce a film for her as a diva.