Kailash gets angry! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th September 2016 Written Episode

Kailash gets angry! JNDSD Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th September 2016 Written Episode :- The last episode of the TV series Jaana Na Dil Se Door begins with Kailash just shows his true colours to Vividha and Vividha asked to Indumati that Atharva will shortly open his second factory. Dubey and Kailash plot against the Kashyap family. Uma overhears their conversation. Later, Kailash lies to Suman and he also threatened to Uma that she should not reveal anything to anyone unless he won’t spare her.


On seeing Vividha in bridal dress Kailash go emotional and he asked to her that god bless you always, he also said whatever I did to you ever this all I did to make you happy. He also asked to Vividha that now she need to follow her dad and whatever he did with her till now all to make her happy.

Vividha also asked her dad that she will follow her dad always as till now whatever her dad did to her to make her happy. Uma is somehow sceptical of Kailash and Dadi also looks worried thinking the same.

Atharva is also getting ready for the wedding and he is now in the groom attire. Sujata blesses him and also put Sehra on his face, Sujata asked to him that she is very happy for him and want him to stay happy always.

Kailash asked Suman that his Maa is ill so he will only bring Vividha to her house for the wedding, Suman asked to him then Vividha’s Maa and Kailash said that she will be here to take care of Mata Ji and Suman gives the nod.

Till then Uma hears the conversations and shocked to know the fact that Kailash arranges Vividha’s wedding with another guy not with Atharva. Kailash also warned her to stay mute regarding the issue as he is doing arrangements of Vivdha’s wedding with Ravish from a long time.

Precap: Uma asks Kailash are you preparing Vividha’s marriage arrangements with someone else, not Atharv, and she also said that I won’t let you ruin Vividha’s life, I will reveal the truth.