Vividha kisses atharv! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Vividha kisses atharv! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show stars with Vivbhida looking for Martha. She sings song and Sujata look upset. Aarthav was standing against the door. Vivbhida lost in her thought and the day was about to fall. But Martha came at the right time and saves the diya from falling. They both does the puja together. And, then they hug each other. Ankit looks them.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode Written Updates

Vivbhida says that I knew you will never be annoyed with me for a long period of time. Aarthav told her that he came just because he does not want her to lose her believe in God. She hugs him but he pushes her away and was leaving.

Vivbhida shouted and asked him to stop. Martha looks her. Vivbhida says why you are annoyed with me? I just tried to meet you with your Dad and now, you are annoyed with me. Aarthav says I don’t what to share anything about my Dad with others.

Vivbhida asked Guddi to bring the car keys. Aarthav says I don’t want t to get away with you. Uma asked Sujata what Vivbhida is doing. Sujata says Vivbhi in his time took Radha with her and this is kalyug, and in this time Radha is taking Krishna with her,

Guddi bring the keys and Vivbhida asked Aarthav to sit in the car otherwise, she will beat him. Aarthav says what are you talking? They both sit in the car and went to some place.

Vivbhida asked why he is upset ith him. Aarthav says I don’t want to discuss my Dad, even not with you. Vivbhida narrates the story of Krishna Ji to Aarthav.

She told him that when Krishanji used to eat butter and when her mummy asked for it, then he used to lie. Then, her mother took her to a river and shown his reflection and it cleared everything as butter was seen on his face.

She asked Aarthav to check his face in the mirror as his pain looks very clear. Aarthav says my Dad never existed for me. Vivbhida says this is a tough time, but we have to go through this.

Then, she stops and kisses aarthav. He tried to go, but again she kissed on his cheeks, and then, they both hugs each other.


In the upcoming episode, Aarthav throws everything and cries. Vivbhida told him that we have to be the reflection of each other. Then, they got intimate.