Everyone is shocked! Jamai Raja 5th October 2016 Written Updates Episode

Everyone is shocked! Jamai Raja 5th October 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The TV series Jamai Raja is now yet to showcases that Dida pleads with Satya to anyhow stop Payal and the others from succeeding in their cunning intentions. Satya assures Dida that he will not let Maahi’s marriage take place but also adds that he will be doing something that is absolutely wrong.


Meanwhile, Maahi is herself confused and pleads with the almighty for a signal to help her find out if what she is doing is right or wrong. Just then, Satya approaches her but jumps out of the window when Koyal calls out to Maahi. Satya ends up shocked when he finds the goons sent by Dhaval waiting for him.

The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja started with Dida is crying to see that Maahi is getting married to Karan as she considers Karan is not the right guy for her. Dida also asked Satya that Payal fixes Maahi’s wedding with Karan to ruin her life.

Satya assures to Dida that he will be save Maahi from these sinners and she won’t let ruin Maahi’s life. Maahi is crying thinking whether to marry Karan will be right choice for her or not.

Suddenly Satya arrives there and she have an eyes lock with him. Satya tries to speak with Maahi but Maahi keep crying to see that goons are waiting for Satya. Till then Dhawal who was sitting in the wedding Mandap arrives there and he asked to his goons to hold Satya and he also holds Maahi’s hand.

Till now Dhawal’s face was cover with Sehra and he side the Sehra, Payal and Maahi are shocked to see that the groom is not the Karan, he is Dhawal, Maahi just screams’ on seeing Dhawal. Afterward Payal did drama she did the Ghatbandhan of Maahi and Dhawal but he make the marriage hall smoky intentionally to avoid the wedding for some time.

Payal sees that now Pheras are the complete but Dida looks worried that Maahi should not marry this fraud.

Precap: Dhawal comes there suddenly and asked to stop the wedding. The family is shocked to see that Payal’s wedding with Satya is done as Satya is in the place of groom instead of Dhawal.