Jamie Dornan Shooting a Film During Terror Attacks was ‘Bloody Awful’

Jamie Dornan Shooting a Film During Terror Attacks was ‘Bloody Awful’ : The terror attack in the France which had stunned the whole world and cause loss of a countable number of lives is still fresh in the minds of us.


Although, we were far away from that place where terror attack occurred, but still we felt the fear of the Terrorism. And when we were so much frightened from that incident, suppose how they have felt who were really present there when this terror attack took place.

Guys! today we will take you through the interview of Jamie Dornan, who was shooting for his movie Fifty Shades Darker in Nice on the same day when the terror attack took place.

Jamie shared his experience with the media wing and told them how he felt during that attack. He told te reporter that ” I and my family was lucky enough to escape that attack as we were really close to that place and termed the whole incident in a single word as awful.

He also told media wing that ” it was, as you can imagine, an awful situation.You’d be affected by it wherever you were in the world. He also adds further that ” Most of the cast and crew were actually staying in Monaco, so there’s a little bit of distance there, but my family and I wanted a little bit more space so we were actually staying in Nice”

He also revealed that the most difficult task was to start shooting the next day of this attack. He told media wing that the very next morning the first thing everyone has to work out was is everybody safe, is the whole crew and cast safely and then we started shooting despite knowing that how many lives were lost , but it was required as millions of dollar was invested in a single day of shooting.