Watch Jurassic World Movie World Television Premiere On Sony Pix 22nd October 2016

Watch Jurassic World Movie World Television Premiere On Sony Pix 22nd October 2016 :- The Saturday is going to be super entertaining as the premier English movie channel Sony Pix is going to world television premiere of the biggest blockbuster Jurassic world. The movie will be aired as the double blast on October 22, 2016 at 1 Pm and 9 PM.


Jurassic world is the 2015 American movie which is the fourth instalment of the Jurassic Park series. This is a fiction movie which deplicts the life of the one of the oldest creature of planet earth ” Dinosaurs.”

This movie is directed by the Colin Trevorrow and is produced by the duo of Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley. The movie has starcast of Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, Bryce Dallas Howard, Omar Sy, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan and B. D. Wong.

The story of the movie takes place 22 years after the Jurrassic park was runied by the dinosaurs. The new park has been setup and it features new dinosaurs and titled as Jurrassic World. The event take place when Zach and Gray Mitchell, the nephews of the opereation manager of Jurrassci world, Claire Dearing went to visist their aunt and decided to explore the whole Jurassic World.

The story in the movie turned when Zach and Gray entered the restricted area and one of the dinosaur tried to kill them. On the other side, their aunt Claire is searching for her nephews.

Meanhwile, the questions arise, will Calire be able to save her nephews? How Zach and Gray will tackle this situation? Will Dinosaur repeat the same destruction that they did twenty two years ago?

Well, all these questions will be answered on Saturday, 22 October at 1 PM and 9 PM, so tune onto Sony Pix and enjoy Jurassic World.