Vishwa try to call kali’s soul! Kaala Teeka 30th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Vishwa try to call kali’s soul! Kaala Teeka 30th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Manji Maa pointing Trishul at Vishwa. Yug tried to calm her down but Manji Maa says If within 12 hours I won’t get Kaali and Naina then I will not leave anyone.



Vishwa’s men buried someone and Vishwa told them that this is not Kaali. Prohit asked did Nandu do this? Police hit Nandu and ask where is she? Nandu says ask that badly daddy. He more likely than not done this. Ama says he has home kindly doesn’t hit him. Yug gets a call from Vishwa and he informed him that Kali was last seen at bus stop and Yug asked Inspector to leave Nandu.

Kali sees out and says sorry manji mama I needed to do this without letting you know so badly daddy acknowledges his wrongdoing. Overseer captures Vishwa as its his auto. Yug says this is a plot. Manjiri sees the blooded garments. Manjiri says where is my Kali? Where is my Naina? Reviewer says to Vishwa you said your man saw Kali at transport station. Vishwa says no doubt somebody called me. His name is lakhna. Controller says to call him. Vishwa says when he called he said his battery is in regards to biting the dust. When I took a stab at calling a short time later his telephone was off. Auditor says give me your telephone. Controller says advise us by the morning else we will need to capture you.

Manjiri stays there and says I feel so defenseless. Where are my Kali and Naina? Kali takes a gander at her.

Kali writings Manjiri. Manjiri comes to the store. Manjiri says that blood, Kali says this was the last alternative I had. You had rested so I needed to do only it. She tells Manjiri how she arranged and executed everything.

Leela is imploring. Manjiri and Kali take a stab at escaping secondary passage. When they come there Nandu is there. Nandu says you are fine? She says yes I need to go from here. Nandu says that badly father is so unnerving. I will accompany you. Kali says OK gives up. They all keep running from that point.

Around evening time, Vishwa and Prohit are doing enchantment to know Kali is alive or not. Manjiri kills the breaker. Vishwa places a die in water and says in the event that it suffocates it implies Kali is dead. There is blood trickling from the rooftop.

Leela says where is Mukta? Did she let you know anything Yug? Gauri says she should search for her little girl. Kali fled in light of the fact that she couldn’t demonstrate anything.

Vishwa says this will explore us where Kali’s body is. Nandu utilizes a fan to alter its course. Prohit says I am frightened. Prohit says Kali’s apparition there. He is frightened.


Vishwa and Prohit try to call Kali’s soul. Vishwa says tell us how you died and where is your body. Kali hangs in front of them.