Swaragini 30th September 2016 Written Episode Updates! Swara support ragini!

Swaragini 30th September 2016 Written Episode Updates! Swara support ragini! :- The last night episode of the TV series Swaragini begins with Laksh (Namish Taneja) asked to Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) that Laksh doesn’t want to kill Sanskar, he wants to see Sanskar to suffer. Sanskar comes to the home and Swara gives him water. He asked Swara that he can’t bear to see his family’s humiliation and Laksh did that. Swara said that I will be speaking to Ragini but Sanskar said she no need as now Sanskar cut all kind of relationship with Laksh and his family.


Durga Prasad devastated to fee that he is supporting Adarsh and Pareenita who are the real culprits, Annapurna said that we need to do that we are helpless. She also said that I am keen to reveal the real truth of Adarsh anyhow to reunite the Maheshwari family.

Ragini sees them crying but Durga Prasad and Annapurna asked to her that they are just recalling the old times. Swara explains to Sanskar that breaking relationship is not a joke. Sanskar asked Swara that how can Laksh do this to me, Sumi feels bad to see both Sanskar and Swara and she explain to Sanskar that Sujata never teaches you to give up so you should take a vows to reunite the Maheshwari family apart from punished the culprit.

Laskh is very happy to see Sanskar is suffering and he shares the same with his family. Sanskar is now desperate and he asked Swara that if she tries to patch up with Laksh and Ragini he will kill himself. Swara is shocked and panic.

Adarsh applies medicine on the wound of Laksh and asked to him that he fight with Sanskar but Laksh asked to him that this wound is nothing in front of the wound Sanskar gives in my heart. Adarsh asked to Laksh that he can’t bear a single wound on him.

Ragini asked Adarsh that if you can’t bear a single wound on him then why you let him to beaten up in jail, why you did not save him. Both Adarsh and Pareenita are shocked with this question of Ragini.

Swara shares to Sumi that Sanskar is now speaking of committing suicide but read Bhagwad Geeta in front of Swara and she asked to her that whenever sin and atrocities increase in the earth god himself comes to removes the sin and atrocities’ from the earth.

Sumi asked Swara that now you have to be your own god to defeat the injustice from your life by using “Sham Daam Dand Bhed” like the way the Pandavas uses “Sham Daam Dand Bhed” to defeated Kauravas. Sumi asked Swara go for it to bring justice, I am with you.