A Car Hits Kali! Kaala Teeka 4th October 2016 Written Updates Episode

A Car Hits Kali! Kaala Teeka 4th October 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Kaala Teeka begins with the chandelier falls on Kaali and seeing her lying down unconscious, the entire family comes rushing to her and take her to the hospital. Gauri is worried that if Kaali lives, Yug will grow sympathetic towards her. But Purohit and Vishwaveer assure her that Kaali will certainly die she will not be able to survive anyhow.


It is actually Nandu who saves Kaali and Manjari is sceptical of Vishwa. She thinks it is must do by Purohit Ji and Vishwa to kill Kaali as they are always keen to kill Kaali. Meanwhile, Kaali is rushed into the operation theatre and Nandu decides to pray before the almighty and stand on one foot until Kaali is cured.

He also cries in front of god despite his mental condition is not good but he is constantly praying to god that he have to save Kaali anyhow. On the doctor asked to Yug about the Kaali’s health condition that once she had a miscarriage, Yug is shocked to know so as he thinks that Kaali gives birth to Naina.

Manjari is panic to hear Yug’s conversations with the doctor and she fears that now the truth will be coming out that Naina is not Kaali’s own daughter. The doctor also asked something dangerous to Yug about Kaali on the other hand that, now Kaali’s womb again hurt because of this accident.

Doctor also asked to Yug that if an operation will go successful than okay but if anything will be happening to Kaali than she will be lost power to be pregnant ever. Yug looks worried but doctor consoles him that she will be trying her best to save Kaali.

Now eventually Yug realises that Naina is Gauri’s daughter. Dadi also realised this and she is now wondering that if Naina is Gauri’s daughter then who is Sunaina. Suddenly a woman appears in front of the family and she asked that Sunaina is my daughter.

The family is shocked and Dadi asked Gauri about it. Gauri confesses her crime and she said that she did so as she lost her baby. Yug and Manjari scolded her that how she can steal someone’s baby to have her own baby. Gauri cries and seeks apology from Yug but Yug throws her out of the house also cut all kind of relationship with her.

Manjari also asked to Yug that Vishwa actually kidnapped Naina as he considers Naina as a Kaal for him. Vishwa got angry to hear so and he pushes Manjari but Yug holds her.

Precap: Kaali again meet with an accident.