Today Epic Twist! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 24th Spetember 2016 Written Updates Episode

Today Epic Twist! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 24th Spetember 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Rishi turned to see Tanuja’s sad face as she was watching the Moon from the window. Rishi sauntered towards Tanuja. Rishi was about to wipe his tear, but suddenly wind chimes took their attention.



Tanuja thinks how this could be possible that two individuals who love each other so much, get separated. She thinks now I have Tanu’s face, whom Rishi loves a lot.

She says Bani has nothing to do with this. Then, she cried in a pain and saw some vision of the past where Tanu and Rishi were getting married. Although, the vision was not clear and she feels cursed to get the face of Tannu.

Tanuja thinks why this is happening with her. She tried to hide her face and get upset and sits on the floor. Rishi came down the stairs and assured sBeeji that he does not care about Tanuja and for him, his family only matters.

Tanuja came down, and Rishi shouted on her and asked her to get out. Tanuja says I will go. Rishi tells me you are even bad then Neha as you changed your face to be rich.

Tanuja went to Ahana for apologizing, but Ahana slapped her and warned her to not take Tanu’s name as she has betrayal in her eyes. Beeji told Tanuja that she broke her heart. Tanuja asked Raaj to believe her, but Rishi drags her and throws out of a house.

On the other hand, a lady went save the burning flame, and she prays for Rishi as she wants Rishi to recognize other Tannu. Rishi drags Tanuja, and she falls in Rishi’s arm. Nidhi and Vidhi say we are unlucky, and we should have Tanujs’s luck.

Tanuja walks towards Bani’s house while thinking about Rishi’s acquisition. Rishi cried in his room.


Neha will push Tanuja out of her house and shouts her to get away from her house.