Kawach 8th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Rajbeer Tries To kill Pari

Kawach 8th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Rajbeer Tries To kill Pari :- The TV series Kawach – Kaali Shaktiyon Se is now keen to focus o that just as Rajbir is about to marry Ritu, Paridhi ties her up and sits in the ‘Mandap’ herself. Will this go down well with Rajbir? Earlier, Paridhi overhears Ritu and Kabir’s plan to loot the Bundela family. Elsewhere, Shakti and Jolly join forces against Paridhi. Later, the evil shadow that possesses the doll turns out to be none other than Saudamini.


The last week episode of the horror TV series Kawach – Kaali Shaktiyon Se begins with Saudamani teaches Shakti’s daughter to kill the Bundela family. Shakti became friend with a person in jail who asked to him that he is just desparte to seek revenge from Pari as today he is in jail because of her.

Shakti thinks to use him as the puppet to seek revenge from Pari. Pari tie knot with Rajbir by making Ritu faint as Pari sense that Ritu is there to seek revenge from the Bundela family. But when Ritu arrives Rajbir just denies accepting his wedding with Pari even after he is married to Pari.

Pari pledge to Rajbir that Kabir’s intention towards the family is not good so she denied Rajbir to get his sister to get married with him but Rajbir asked to Pari to stay away from his life as he is now unable to trust Pari.

Now Pari cries thinking that now Rajbir will be go close to Ritu. She also dreamt of it and goes anxious as she is sceptical of Ritu and Kabir that they are there to ruin the Bundela family. Pari also dreamt of a weird scary kind of house.

After waking up from the dream Pari just run to the Rajbir’s room to find him going intimate with Ritu, Pari tries to stop him by saying Ritu is not a good girl. But due to Pari intervenes the romance of Rajbir with Ritu, Rajbir just tries to kill Pari.

Precap: Rajbir removes Pari’s and tries to kill her which proved that Rajbir has been possessed by an evil spirit.