One Hour Special Episode! Krishnadasi 4th August 2016 Today Written Updates

One Hour Special Episode! Krishnadasi 4th August 2016 Today Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi it has been showcased that Aradhya is waiting for Aryan. Aryan come there and holds her from backside to see that she screams but Aryan asked to her why she is scared as Aryan come here to meet with his very own Aradhya.

Krishnadasi Today Written Updates

Krishnadasi 4th August 2016 Written Updates

Aradhya now asked to Aryan that I want to talk with you something about Shravani as I am sceptical of Shravani somehow. But before Aryan realised anything he goes dizzy and got faint to fall down in the floor. Aradhya now asked to Aryan that waits here I am just bringing water for you.

So Aradhya now rushes to the well side and meanwhile, Kumudini and Nakku were hidden there who take away Aryan from there in the Aradhya’s absence and now Aradhya come with water but shocked to see that Aryan is not there. She also stunned to see that Kumudini’s car is now going from that site and she eventually realised must be Kumudini take Aryan away.

Now Aryan put water on Aryan face and he got conscious to see that Aaji that Aaji is very angry on him. He asked to her that why she is angry on him and Kumudini said as we find you with Aradhya. And you also drink wine.

She complaints Aryan of making this wine drinking habit. Aryan refused to accept so and he also feels bad to assure to his Aaji that he will never meet with Aradhya. In the mean time, Shravani is very sure about it that Aryan will be definitely smitten by her beauty so she is now dreaming of Aryan to invites him to have breakfast.

But after going on the Aryan’s room, Shravani is shocked to see that he is with Aradhya. Both Aradhya and Arayn are shocked now along with Shravani.

Precap: Aradhya calls chemist and tells powder’s name which they have retrieved from Shravani’s room, she also asked to a man name Rakesh that the powder is uses for what purpose.

Rakesh did not reply anything instead he looks on Aradhya shockingly. Aryan also come there eventually.