Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2016 Today Written Updates! Abhi calls pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2016 Today Written Updates! Abhi calls pragya :- The last night episode of the TV series Kumkum Bhagya started with Purab threatens Alia that he has found a doctor to treat Abhi which makes Alia worried. Alia is tensed as she actually doesn’t want Abhi to get his memory back.


Purab questions Abhi on the entire episode where he called the media and Purab also asked Abhi that how he can suddenly announce Tanu as his girlfriend. Purab also asked Abhi that he can’t suddenly love Tanu as right now he is sick and he needs rest and proper treatment.

Purab explains to Abhi that if he likes Tanu and wishes to marry her then he should give some time to himself to wait that how he will be fall in love with her.

Meanwhile, Pragya tells dadi about the entire incident and Dadi asked her what the matter. Pragya tells her grandmother not to tell her mother Sarla anything about the entire matter and Dadi gives nod. Still, Dadi and Pragya are having just same bonding like the early times.

Now Purab goes to Abhi’s house and directly goes to meet Alia. She tells Purab that Pragya is Abhi’s secretary and that is why she is just helping Abhu Bhaai to be with Tanu as Tanu and Bhaai like each other.

Purab also reveals that he knows a doctor who has dealt with cases like Abhi’s but he also announced to Alia that he is having a doctor who will be brought back the Abhi’s memory to him as now he will b e treats Abhi. Alia looks tensed.

Tanu starts preparing to impress Abhi by going the simple way. She decides to give up on her western dresses instead she will be going for ethnic dresses like the suit to impress Abhi as seems like Abhi like simple style among the girls that is why he attracted towards Fuggi means Pragya.

Precap: Abhi asked to Alia that he doesn’t know what to call if it is your stupidity or what. Alia looks worried and asked him what happen and Abhi just calls Pragya. Alia looks panic.