Jamai Raja 13th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Mahi looks on surprised

Jamai Raja 13th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Mahi looks on surprised :- The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with Maahi wake up and asked to herself that now she need to prepare breakfast as now it’s too late and Payal Mamma won’t eat the breakfast if it will be prepared by anyone else.


Satya sees her when she was about to rush that she need to spent some time with him as now they are a couple but Maahi just lashes out at him as Satya tries to have some funny with her.

In this process when Maahi was busy lashing out at Satya her feet get injured and she has a bleeding as her feet were hurts with the pieces of the cup. Satya shows concern for Maahi but Maahi asked to him that if he is the concern for her then he should go from her life, Satya hurts.

Now Maahi somehow bandages her wound of feet and rushes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her mum but in the kitchen, she is shocked to see that Payal is preparing breakfast for herself.

Maahi seek an apology from Payal and asked to her that she will prepare breakfast for Payal but Payal asked to her that now Maahi won’t concern for her Payal Mamma as she is now married and she is having her own life. Payal just makes Maahi realised that she is guilty for Payal somehow.

Maahi feels bad for her Mamma and has teary eyes. Payal also hurt herself false to make Maahi realised that she fail to take care of her Mamma. Payal also warns to Satya that she will kill him if he will ever come in her path or between her or her daughter Maahi.

Satya also decided to expose Payal anyhow as Dida already asked to him about the wrong motive Payal is having for Maahi. Now Satya is just looking forward to having a way to which he can expose Payal in front of Maahi as now he decided that he won’t let Payal make Maahi fool anymore.

Precap: Satya proposes to Maahi. Maahi looked shocked.