Laxman Wish to Go In Vanvas With Ram! Siya Ke Ram 20th March 2016 Episode Written Update

The mythological TV series “Siya Ke Ram” begins with the Dasharath is coming out from the Kumbh Bhavan and constantly saying Ram, Ram. Suddenly he falls down. Ram comes and holds the Dasharath. Dasharath is pledge to Ram not to go anywhere. As Dashrath is can’t live without Ram. And Dasharath shows his anger towards Rani Kaikeyi.

Laxman Wish to Go In Vanvas With Ram! Siya Ke Ram 20th March 2016 Episode Written Update

But about this cool Ram says that he have to leave for the Vanvaas as it is his mother’s Kaikeye’s command and he need to follow that. Ram says he is very please to leave for the Vanvaas. Dasharath says that he is the king and he can decide what to do and it would be final. Ram says right now he is not a King; he is just a son who needs to follow his mother’s command as it is his duty to do so.

Sumitra and Kaushalya rush towards Kakeiye and say how you can do this to Ram; you love your son so much. How you can be enemy of the Ram about this Kakeyei says she is doing this with Ram as she wants her son Bharath to be the king of Ayodha and she is doing this for the welfare of the Bharath.

Now Daasi arrives and says Dashrath is fine but Sumitra and Kaushalya humiliated Kakaiye by saying that you lost your all respect. Just don’t dare to go close to the Dashrath. Sita’s sisters are unhappy to see that Sita is going in Vanvaas with Ram. Laxman says he also wants to go in Vanvaas with Ram as he can’t live without Ram.

Urmila try to prevent Laxman but Laxman scolded her and asked to her that doesn’t prevent him from doing the brother’s duty (Bhaai Dharam). Now Ram, Sita and Laxman are ready to leave for the Vanvaas. Ram asked Dashrath to give him permission to leave for the Vanvaas.

Laxman said about this injustice that it is fate. It is bad fate of Ayodha that you are leaving the city. Ram said if he will become the king of Ayodhya, he will do good act only for Ayodhya’s Praja but now he has the chance to do good things for the whole world. Laxman smiles and says that he will follow his path.

And now Laxman said to Ram that he will go with him for the 14 years Vanvas. Ram shocked. And again Ram is shocked to see that Sita has been arrived there. Ram looked on.

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