Grand Launches! Little Lord, TV Ke Uss Par, Fatmagul 3rd October 2016 1st Episode Written Updates

Grand Launches! Little Lord, TV Ke Uss Par, Fatmagul 3rd October 2016 1st Episode Written Updates :- Zee Entertainment Enterprises’ Zindagi TV channel, actually brought’ several lesser famous cult daily soap from across the world for the Indian audience but now the channel think to revamp itself. Zindagi channel revamped itself to have mass appeal among the fans and to have TRP ratings in the BAARC of abundance quantity.


The channel had introduced some popular Pakistani TV shows like Fawad Khan-starrer Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Tere Ishq Mein and so on and these shows were actually massive hit among the public in our country. But now the channel thinks to revamp itself with different stories, these all stories will be basically Indian based and some will be from the country Turkey.

So from this Monday, October 3, Zindagi channel will air new shows. Here are a few of them, as reported by India Forums. The fans and the audiences are just excited to catch the TV series.
The names of 3 brand new serials are given below:

1. TV Ke Uss Par: It is a comedy series and will showcase how the present day society is obsessed with the over-dramatic daily soaps. The satire show will be actually tickling your funny bones with its comic’s antics. TV Ke Uss Paar will air at 8.30 pm

2. Fatmagul: This Turkish show portrays the inspiring journey of a girl, who was forced to marry the person who is alleged of raping her. Fatmagul will be showing the mental condition of the girl who will be found alleged rapist as her husband.

How she will be deal with this fact now it is the crux of the story. Fatmagul is schedule to entertain viewers at 9 pm.

3. Little Lord: A new Turkish show that will explore the journey of a six-year-old boy, who solves big issues all by himself. Though he is a miracle child but still he is away from his family.

Now the crux of the story is how the little boy will be using his supernatural power to reunite with his family as for him it seems like nothing impossible, the light-hearted Turkish drama ‘Little Lord’, to air at 7.30 pm.

One of the important people of the Sunjoy Wadhwa says regarding journey of revamping the Zindagi TV that, “We are very happy to be associated with Zindagi for our new series.’TV Ke Uss Paar’ will be our first show for the channel. It is a light-hearted, finite comedy series about an individual’s obsession with daily soaps. The show should live up to the expectations of the audience”.