Zindagi Ki Mahek/Mehek 10th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Mahek is crying

ZEE TV most appreciative exciting program, Zindagi Ki Mehek looks like a fabulous extraordinary show, which gives the primary voltage potential that forces to the Zindagi Ki Mehek followers.


Zindagi Ki Mehek 10th October 2016 Written Update

The effective TV series Zindagi Ki Mehek customarily made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never standing dilemma way and quickly the crucial crux of the show is to showcase in the freshest episodes that, Pammi says to Kanta that I am seeing Ajay’s proposition be engaged elsewhere, Kanta says congratulations, Pammi says I will give providing food request to Mahek for his marriage, she doesn’t have any standard yet I am giving her progress.

Actually, Mahek brings a shawl and puts on Kanta. All are moving and droning for Mata Rani. Sonal’s mom makes Kanta and Pammi gets up from their positions.

Where In the last episode, Shaurya says to Rajiv that Dhabba young lady is lying, she did not make that leave, she more likely than not got it from some place and brought it here. Rajiv says her family dismisses my suggestion, Shaurya tells it must be their arrangement, they should arrange next move now. Mahek messages Shaurya and keeps in touching with you remember about India’s super cook rivalry, I need to enlighten you something regarding it.

Where In the latest episode, Pammi says to Kanta that I am seeing Ajay’s suggestion be locked in somewhere else, Kanta says congrats, Pammi says I will give creating sustenance demand to Mahek for his wedding.

She doesn’t have any standard yet in the meantime I am giving her move, she gives Mahek 5000/ – to insult, Mahek has tears in her eyes, Pammi starts leaving yet Kanta says, Pammi.

Mahek is getting readied in her room. Chachi asks for that she come snappy, she says coming. Mahek opens her tablet, She sees Keral king(Shaurya) on the web. Kanta says Mata Rani is keeping up Mahek, Mahek tells coming.

Shaurya is with Rajiv, Rajiv says this summary is lacking, Shaurya says don’t comment that dhabba young woman again. Mahek messages him if he sits before the Tv?

He says as a less than dependable rule, why? Mahek messages Shaurya and stays in contact with you consider India’s super cook contention? He looks ad spot and makes no I haven’t tuned in.

Mahek says it’s outstanding, I have to edify you something with respect to it, in any case, I will tell you later, peppy Navratri, Jai Mata Rani. Shaurya smiles, Rajiv asks with reference to whether he is smiling? Shaurya says I got Navratri wishes, Rajiv asks from whom? he says from some individual excellent, Jai Mata Rani.

Jagrata is going on, Sharma family comes there. Sonal welcomes them, Mahek gives her parsad she organized Mata Rani. Kanta sees Pammi. Pammi sees them too.

Pammi comes to Kanta and Mahek, she asks how are you Kanta? she says fine, Pammi says I thought you won’t a couple, Kanta says we didn’t do anything mistakenly, we are not panicked of anyone, Pammi says we did the misunderstanding of assuming to make the association with you.

Kanta says we did mess up also, Pammi says Mahek got some recognition in Dehli heart and you are flying high now?

Pammi says to Kanta that if you have to call at the focal point of night and censure at me then use PCO from next time, my kin is in custom, it took me 2hours just to find it’s character calling.

Mahek says close relative it was all my foul up, kindly don’t do anything here, we will discuss later, she takes Kanta starting there.

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