Mahek Gets Angry! Zindagi Ki Mahek 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Mahek Gets Angry! Zindagi Ki Mahek 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Mehak chatting with a guy as that guy has unfriended her. Mahek asked her why she unfriended her? That guy told her that he mistakenly send her request, and now, he did not want to talk to her. She called him Karela king and goes out.


Mehak saw her Chachu with a man. Chachu was asking for a paper from that man. The man asked Chachu to sing a paper and told him that his work would be done by today morning.

Mahek was cooking the Halwa, and she tasted it and said, Mahek Sharma, you cook well. Then, she posted the picture of Hldi dhood on social media and captioned it ” way to get good sleep.” Karela King read it and thinks about it.

PD told Mehak that her cooking reminds him of her mother. Mahek told her that today is Sonal’s Rook. “PD joked about Sonal. Kanta came there and asked Mehak to give the envelope to Sonal.

Mehak goes to Sonal’s house and wishes Sonal. Sonal takes her to her room. Sonal’s mother told another woman that Kanta promised that she would make Mehak’s marriage first before my Sonal’s marriage but now when she is failed, she is hiding her face.

Sonal and Mehak came to know that Groom’s family brought many guests with them and they have only cooked food for 15 people. Ashok asked Sonu to bring food.

Sonu gets struck in traffic and told his father that I would take a bit of time. Mahek asked Ashok for helping them. Ashok allowed her, and Sonal’s mother helped her.

Sonal and her fiancee Vicky exchanged rings. Guest eat Kheer and Kabab cooked by Mahek. Guest liked the food and asked who cooked the food? Sonal’s mother says Mahek and Sonal cooked food, but the idea was of Sonal. Sonal looks sadly. But Ashok told everyone that Mahek eats the food, and every guest started to question that how she cooked this food. Mahek gets conscious.


Mahek will be Karela King has posted her recipe for Turmeric milk on his timeline. She messaged him and asked him to tag her. Karela King replied that her recipe worked and said cheers. AMhek think what I should do? I sent him angry messages.