Manjulika romances rajbeer! Kawach 26th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Manjulika romances rajbeer! Kawach 26th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the horror TV series Kawach begins with Pari wakes up and finds her on bed still in bridal attire. She thinks she must have gone unconscious due to tiredness. But suddenly she screams on seeing Manjulika and asks what she is doing here.

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Manjulika says to Pari that she invites her for the marriage and she is here to attain the same. Manjulika also says that now she will be take over her body and she will there live her life with Rajbeer in the attire of Pari. Pari is scared. And now she takes over Pari’s body and do romance with Rajbeer.

Now Manjulika folds Pari’s hand and tortures her. Pari also frightened to see that Manjulika is on her celling fan and when Manjulika was busy torturing Pari, Rajbeer is about to come on her room and Manjulika threatened her that she should not reveal anything to Rajbeer unless Manjulika will be killing Rajbeer.

Pari is now sacred and Rajbeer makes entry to romance with her but Rajbeer unable to do the same as his niece call him to come in the hall and he moves. Now Manjulika is sitting alone in her room on her wedding night.

Now Pari rushes to Saroj to reveal the truth to her but suddenly Saroj fall down eventually and the family blames that Pari pushes Saroj Baisaa. But now Saroj wake up and she says that I slip that’s why fall down, Pari did not having any mistake. And now she is about to asked to Rajbeer about the same but shocked to see that in Rajbeer’s body there is mark of the nail and she is anxious now and Rajbeer also said that he feels something weird here.

Manjulika is keep giving threaten to Pari that Pari should not reveal anything to anyone. Saroj somehow realised that something is there wrong in the house or there is any evil possession and when she went in market with Rajbeer and Pari feels the same.

Now in the party Pari humiliated Natasha badly when she was busy doing the show-off and Pari also asked to Natasha that she got chance in TV serials’ by sleeping with the producers.

Pari also said that she also get married by doing blackmail and Saroj is shocked to see that Pari is shouting and humiliating Natasha as she can never do something like that and Saroj thinks that there must be something wrong.