Mega Twist! ZKM Zindagi Ki Mehek 26th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Mega Twist! ZKM Zindagi Ki Mehek 26th October 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last episode of the TV series Zindagi Ki Mehak begins with Rajeev announced names of the finalists. He announced Mahek’s name as finalists and Mahek look surprised to smile. She looks at Shaurya and tries to go in that time Shaurya holds her and intentionally press her cut the finger for that she screams in pain.


Now Shaurya asked to her that she is not going to the final round because of herself, it is him who gives her full marks and Mahek looks shocked. Now Mahek sees that Shaurya’s mother come to meet with him and she calls him as KK.

Mahek calls him devil Kumar and then leaves. Shaurya’s mother says that she is the first girl who calls you Devil Kumar and Shaurya fumes on anger to know so. Shaurya’s mother also encounters with Mahek and she asked to her that she is the first girl who actually having the strength to give replies to Shuarya. Mahek surprisingly looked on.

Her mother offers her tea and Shaurya sees this. He just lashes out at Mahek and asked her to stay away from his mother. By mistake when Mahek spill tea on Shaurya’s coat he just then takes her Dupatta to wipe-out the tea mark and about this Mahek dare to ask to Shaurya that he is not aware of any kind of manners.

Precap: Kanta asks Mahek to keep fast for a good husband. Mahek thinks on. On the other side, Shaurya asks his mother not to keep fast as he doesn’t believe in this festival Karwa Chauth and all that.

Shaurya’s dad argues with Shaurya that it will be his mother’s decision whether to keep fast or not as his mother wants to keep the fast so he asked Shaurya to do not intervenes.

Nehal on the other hand also thinks to keep fast for her boy friend without letting anyone knowing about the same.