Shanti Stop Auction! MAM Mere Angne Mein 23rd September 2016 Written Updates

Shanti Stop Auction! MAM Mere Angne Mein 23rd September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Shanti asking the lady the price of the house if she is taking the house as a mortgage. Lady says I can only give you 3 lakh rupees. Riya came there and asked Shanti not to tell that house is getting action; else she will not give money. Bunty asked what matter is.


Shanti took Riya and Bunty and tied them both and put the tape on their mouth, so they will not tell the lady about an auction. Shanti gave house paper to a lady and asked to bring Rs. 3 lakh.

Lady says its xerox copy; I need original one. Shanti told her to bring the money, and she will give her original paper tomorrow. Lady goes, and Nimmi appreciated Shanti for her clever mind. Kaushlaya asked Shanti why she did not tell the lady about the auction of the hosue? Shanti says we will get our house back and asked Shanti to prepare for bhandaar.

On the other hand, Sarla checks Amit’s room, and it was totally messed up. Amit says I took money from Nirmal and will but Shanti Sadan and will name it as Amit Sada.

Amit tied Sarla on the chair and leaves. Shanti freed Riya and Bunty and told Bunty that she had done all this just to save her house. She asked Bunty not to let her aunty about the auction of the house. Bunty promises and leaves.

Rani and Nirmala return home and get shocked Sarla getting tied. Rani fried Sarla and Nirmala went to look for th paper. Nirmala asked Sarla is Amit done this? Sarla says yes, and now, he will buy the Shanti Sadan.

Sarla called inspector made and told her to arrest his son Amit as he has stolen the money. Sarla sends Amit’s picture to inspector madam. Sarla says I told Amma that my money gets stolen but what she will feel when she will come to know the truth.

Inspector madam calls back, and Rani picks the call. Rani told Inspector Madam that it was Amit’s money, and Sarla stole it, and now, Amit has taken his money back and went to buy a house for Shanti. Inspector madam got angry and asked Rani to control her mother in law.

Nex morning, Preeti argues with Shanti. Nimmi says Sarla and Rani did not come because they do not want to work. Lady came and gave Shanti Rs. 3 lakh and Shanti gave her original paper of house.

Shanti asked others to deliver the bhandaar and get more money so she will throw the money on Sharma’s face and will save her home. Kaushalya feeds other curd and Shanti cries seeing her house.


Shanti will stop the auction, but Sharma will say now you do not have any right to this house. Shanti will cry.