Mere Angne Mein 30th September 2016 Written Updates! Kaushalya cries

Mere Angne Mein 30th September 2016 Written Updates! Kaushalya cries :- The show starts with Kaushalya getting panicked and asked Shivam to bring the Doctor. Riya told her that if Doctor won’t come then we will take Shanti to a hospital as the nerves are falling. Kaushalya asked Nimmi to not call Sarla as all this is happening because of her.


On the other side, Nirmala taunted Sarla and told her that her mother knows her truth and now Sarla has no shoulder to cry. Sarla says I will meet Amma. Rani asked Sarla to not go to meet Shanti. Sarla and Nirmala fights.

Shivam talks to Doctor and he informed Shivam that he is stuck in traffic but he has sent the ambulance with all the equipment. Kaushalya says Shanti won’t go, she wouldn’t like to leave. Preeti asked what happened to Dadi? Kaushalya slapped her and asked where were you?Shivam requests that Riya drives slug, he will hold Shanti.

Nirmala says now I won’t share my room, you will rest outside. She kicks out Sarla out of her room and says this is my room, I will stay here. She bolts the room. She says I have bolted room, sit on this couch, eat, drink and rest here. Sarla says you don’t have any acquaintance with me, I will demonstrate you.

Specialist treats Shanti. Kaushalya says I gave her sugar water, she blacked out by shortcoming. Specialist says her condition is not kidding, her heartbeat is low, we need to screen for 48 hours, she got heart assault. They all cry. Kaushalya says in what manner will I live without her chiding. Riya says Lord will make her fine, don’t cry.

Nirmala says I will call the police. Rani stops Sarla and says if police capture you, who will free you. Shanti is furious on you, first persuade Shanti and after that do what you need, I will do your bidding game plans here. Ashok comes and asks what’s happening. He discovers Nirmala in the room. Nirmala requests that he come and consumes him inside space. Sarla looks on stunned.

Sarla cries and says on the off chance that I got cash, I would have given to everybody, he is with Nirmala and made me out. Ashok says what’s why I m giving you a chance to stay here, I m bearing this for Sarla’s mix-up. She debilitates him and says I won’t release you.

Raghav is resting. Shanti comes to the room and says you are resting here, wouldn’t you be able to hear me, get up. He awakens and sees her. He says Amma… . What are you doing here? She says I m stressed that who will oversee home after I abandon, you be ready and deal with your home. He asks did you come during the evening to say this. Raghav awakens from this fantasy and gets stunned. He goes for the shower.

Riya gets some information about Shanti, will she get fine. Shivam says its my mix-up, I would have taken her to healing center. The doctor says even you would have not achieved doctor’s facility on time, simply supplicate, I will give the remedy, get solutions in morning, trust shops open tomorrow.

Its morning, everybody is sitting with Shanti. Shivam says we will go and get a prescription. The machines begin beeping. Nimmi asks Riya for what valid reason is machine beeping. Riya says I think her BP is getting low, I will beware of the web, call Shivam and instruct him to get specialist home. Riya keeps an eye on the net and gets stunned.


Riya says Shanti is sinking. They all pray. The diya blows off. Kaushalya cries.