Microsoft Investing Heavy amount on Folding Surface Phone | All You Need to Know

Microsoft Investing Heavy amount on Folding Surface Phone | All You Need to Know: – As you all may know that everyone is looking for something new to offer in Smartphone because that’s the only option they got. As per the reports, the company is working on something unique because their previous experiments are fully failed in the market. Also, you all may know that it’s been few month and there is no new smartphone in development by Microsoft. We are sure that the company is going to work fine in upcoming days if this news is right.

As you may all know that Surface Phone with folding display appeared in several patents but such evidence doesn’t mean that the device will make it to live certainly. However, a foldable display device will make sense at this point. In a patent, the company explains that the folding phones are necessary in order to provide more screen space without altering the phone’s form factor.

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“Along with these enhanced capabilities has come a demand for larger displays to provide a richer user experience. Mobile phone displays have increased in size to the point where they can now consume almost the entire viewing surface of a phone. To increase the size of displays any further would require an increase in the size of the phones themselves. This is not desirable, as users want their mobile phone to fit comfortably in their hand or in a shirt or pants pocket,” Microsoft explains.

“With a dual-display device, the mobile phone or tablet can include an open, expanded position where both displays are flush so that the user feels like there is a single integrated display. In a closed, condensed position, both displays are face-to-face so as to protect the displays. In a fully-open position, the dual displays can sit back-to-back so the user needs to flip the device to view the opposing display,” Microsoft further explains.