Microsoft will reward you to use the Windows 10 Edge Browser

Microsoft will reward you to use the Windows 10 Edge Browser : If you are not using Microsoft’s Edge then Microsoft is giving you one fine reason to start using it again. Company is planning to pay you if you are using “Microsoft Edge” which the company claims to last longer than its contemporaries like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Company touted that Microsoft Edge proved to be a battery life saver as it can save 36-53% of your battery life if you are using it to browse internet, watch videos on youtube or checking activities of your friends on facebook.


How can you earn points?

Microsoft’s this step is an initiative towards rebranding their “Bing award”. So far these rewards will be only viable in US and company will offering points whenever a user uses Edge, Bing or do his/her shopping at Microsoft store.

To earn points, one has to make “Bing” which is Microsoft’s owned search engine and has to make it as a default search engine on his/her device. These points then can be used for vouchers or credit at the places like Amazon, starbucks, Skype and the ad-free version of

Why this step?

Recently a report came up claiming that around three-quarters of the window 10 users are not using Bing or Microsoft Edge browsers. There was a time when Microsoft used to rein the browser world with its internet explorer but today with the changing time Google replaced its position. Microsoft’s Edge is losing its stance to its contemporaries like Google’s chrome or Mozilla firefox.  To regain its popularity and the position it once had with internet explorer, company has thought of implementing this unique idea.

So in order to convince the users to shift from browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to Microsoft’s Edge company has devised this strategy. Moreover to make the alternative looks more alluring it has also mentioned the benefits of using their browser like battery rundown test in which it is proved that Microsoft’s Edge is more efficient in terms of battery storage in comparison to google’s chrome.

Even google has also acknowledge this issue of excessive battery consumptions while using chrome so they are planning on a new update which will focus in the reduction of the battery consumption. Though it is just for the US based users, even we are waiting for the time when Company will come up with such an offer for the Indian market as Microsoft’s Edge is also not much popular here too.