#MotoFaceOff Motorola Moto X Force with Smashproff Screen Review Specs Features

The Main Problem For every Smartphone is Broken Screen, If The Phone Slips from The Hands then The Screen Must be Broke, Now Motorola Ids Coming with the Cure, Motorola New Moto X Force is Coming with a Smashproff Screen, According to Motorola, The Display of The Flagship Phone is Not Brake due to Accidental Drops, the Flagship Phone Is Coming with the world’s first shatterproof smartphone display” thanks to its Moto ShatterShield technology, Today’s Time One of The 3 Phone also Dropped Accidentally and 1 of The 4 Screen Breaks in That Accident, The Display of The Smartphone are Too expensive That People Like to Buy Another Phone after the Accident.

#MotoFaceOff Motorola Moto X Force with Smashproff Screen Review Specs Features

Motorola Moto X Force Review Specification

But Now The Cure is Here, Motorola X Force Come with Unbreakable Screen, The Phone Was Launched in The Month of November 2015 and Now Trending on Social Networking sites. The base layer is an aluminium core which keeps the other layers together and stable. Next up is the flexible AMOLED display, which gives the screen greater durability, and that’s followed by a dual touch layer. The Smartphone Have 5.4 inch QHD Display and The Phone is Available in two Variants 32 GB and 64 GB.

The Phone Is Runs On Snapdragon 810 processor and Powered 3GB of RAM, equipped with the same 21MP rear and 5MP front cameras, Managed by 3,740mAh battery and Interface by Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

The Moto X Force is Trending on Social Networking site with the Hashtag #MotoFaceOff

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