Asha crazy about Ashish! Naamkaran 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Asha crazy about Ashish! Naamkaran 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- Now the daily soap Naamkaran is yet to show the Ayesha’s rise to Stardom segment where Ashish remembers how he motivated Ayesha to act in his film, how he fell in love with her and how she became a star!


Let’s have some glimpses of the last night episode of the TV series Naamkaran in which it shows finally Ayesha gives nod to act in film when Ashish explain to her that it is fine if she will be making her career. Ayesha gives nod and she acts beautifully in the movie to feel that she is also definitely in love with Ashish.

Now Ashish also thinks of love and loves story when he feels that he is in love and he realized that love story is something incredible part of life. Ashish thinks to propose Ayesha and Ayesha are ready to reciprocate her love for Ashish.

Ayesha’s film released and it became super hit, everybody praised Ayesha. Ayesha is happy to see that stardom of her. Ashish in his home now having food and his mom is insisting him to eat properly.

Ketan asked Ashish that they can’t hire the person as a driver as there is a problem. Ashish asked Ketan is the problem is off license, Ketan said no he is Muslim. Ashish fumes on anger and slaps him from when we started believing in this religion and all these.

Ashish’s mom asked to Ashish that we can’t keep Muslim driver as I will be never allow any Muslim to come in my home. Ashish became scared as with whom he is in love she is a Muslim and he discuss the same with his friend.
His friend asked to Ashish that I am pretty sure that your mom will not allow you to marry a Muslim and Ashish feels disheartened. Ayesha call to Ashish and Ashish is too many times disconnect her phone when he was busy in meeting with the producer.

Finally once Ashish received the phone call of Aeysha and he asked to the producer by keeping the speaker on that he will not sign Ayesha this time as Ayesha is now a big start. Instead we will be giving chance to Sagarika so please make an appointment with Sagarika for the movie.

Ayesha became upset with the news and she asked to Tiku that she will not go with them and she also started crying. Tiku rushes to tell this to Fatima. Ashish writes to his mom Dayaben that he was helpless and stuck between you and Asha/ Ayesha.

Ashish further writes I could not leave either of you, you gave me life and she gave me the reason to live.
Precap: Dayaben asks Ashish about Asha. He says there is no truth in this. Asha tells Ashish that she is ready to lose her name and religion in order to have Ashish in her life.