Ashish & Dayabeen Get Engaged! Naamkaran 4th October 2016 Written Updates

Ashish & Dayabeen Get Engaged! Naamkaran 4th October 2016 Written Updates :- As per current spoiler of the TV series Naamkaran now Ashish and Neela somehow get engaged; will Asha get to know about Ashish’s engagement it is yet to clear as now Asha is waiting for Ashish to tie the knot with her!


Star Plus’ latest offering, Naamkaran is produced by Mahesh Bhatt, is being showered with appreciation from the audiences. No doubt content is too powerful of the show. The crucial part is now being focused on the show where Dayavanti plans to separate Ashish from Asha (Barkha Bisht) as she wants Neela to be the daughter-in-law of her.

On one hand, Ashish promises to be there with Avni, on her Sports Day. On the other hand, Dayavanti blackmails Ashish emotionally to get engaged to Neela. She asked him how Neela’s dad Hemantbai had helped them during their tough time and also she reveals that very soon she will die as currently, she is suffering from cancer.

Avni is waiting for Ashish in the school but Dayavanti asked to him that it is her last wish to see Ashish tie knot with Neela. In the last episode, Dayavanti persuades Ashish to get engaged to Neela. A helpless Ashish gives the nod for the engagement as he can do anything for his mother.

Avni won the prize but her friends tease her that she lost her challenge as she fails to call her dad in the school. Ashish on the other side exchange ring with Neela and his engagement done with Neela, Neela looks too happy.

In the upcoming episodes, Avni is deeply hurt as Ashish broke his promise by not attending the Sports Day. Asha tries to console her, but Avni announced that from now onwards she will not talk with her dad anymore. Avni also locks herself in a room by saying that her friends make fun of her as her dad did not come to the school.

Dayavanti’s plan to separate Asha and Ashish has succeeded now. Will Ashish hide this fact from Asha or will Asha get to know that now Ashish will be never with her as he will be tied knot with Neela? It is the forthcoming crux of the TV serial Naamkaran.

Precap: Ashish talks to Avni and explains her. Dayaben gets angry seeing this, and she asked Ashish that now he should go to Neela but Ashish said to his mother that he can’t go to Neela before meeting with his wife Asha and daughter Avni.