Naamkaran 8th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Dayaben kicks ashish!

Naamkaran 8th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Dayaben kicks ashish! :- The TV series Naamkaran spoiler suggests that Dayavanti to prohibit Ashish from meeting with Asha & Avni forever and she announced this to him that from now he will not ever meet with that Asha and Avni.


In Star Plus’ latest offering Naamkaran, Dayavanti is keen to separating Ashish and Asha. She wants her beloved son, Ashish to marry Neela and arranges their engagement. Ashish without his choice gives the nod to marry Neela as well as he got engaged to her.

Avni is broken down on the other hand as Ashish did not attain her sports day in the school as on the day of her sports day Ashish he got engaged with Neela and Avni thinks that there must be a massive reason that is why dad is not living with us.

In the previous episode, Ashish who arrives to meet Asha and Avni is prohibited by Dayavanti to meet them. Ashish pleads to his mother, but she doesn’t allow him. Dayawanti asked him to go to dinner with Neela.

Neela is on her way to the dinner but she saves a girl who was in the road became the victim of the eve teasing. After manages to save the girl Neela rushes to meet with Ashish and he is waiting for her in the restaurant when Neela discuss it to Ashish, Ashish just appreciated her good nature.

Avni is angry and hurts as her dad Ashish did not come in the sports day but she go to just her normal life when Asha consoles her. Avni’s friend asked to her that he will be breaking Kia’s house as Kia always teases Avni. But Avni asked to him that if we break Kia’s house it won’t connect my house so let it be with teary eyes.

As per sources Ashish and Neela go for the dinner where Neela proposes him. And the reports say that, As per the sources, “Although unwilling, Ashish will head to the restaurant with Daya where he will be forced to spend some time with Neela”.

So Ashish would decide to leave early in order to meet Avni but he will turn speechless when Avni will be asked him to reveal the truth.

Precap: Ashish tells Dayaben that I can’t leave Asha and Avni, I could not fulfil the promise to Avni, I felt like running away. Dayaben kicks Ashish out of the house and says that if you want to be with Asha then you should never show me your face.